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(TV Hits, 1999 - my highlights)

The super talented Will Smith is back with his top action film "Wild, Wild West"!!  Will invited TV Hits behind the scenes of his new film - and his life ...

So Will, was it fun playing a cowboy in the good ol' wild west??
It was like a childhood fantasy come true!!  I got to put on the short black jacket and those tight pants - y'know, the cowboy boots and the spurs, the hat ... And then I got up on a horse, and as soon as you do that, this weird Zen thing happens - all of a sudden the character just washes over you.  Ther's something about the West that's kind of sexy and strong, very manly - but I was in touch with my feminine side also!!  I was able to bring out the other side of my character, James West!!

Did you have to learn how to ride a horse like a real cowboy??
Well, I didn't know how to ride before the film, but I learned - I got up there on that horse.  And now I love horses - you feel strong when you're riding at top speed, running through a field ... When we were shooting in Santa Fe, I would ride the horse to work everyday for about six weeks.  I was riding about ten miles a day, which was a little rough on my butt, but it worked out for the film 'cos I got to be pretty comfortable on that horse.  He only ran off one time ...

Are you into riding now??
Yeah, I ride every two or three weeks.  Jada knew how to ride beforehand, but there's nothing like running beside your wife on a horse - it's almost like living in slow motion, the wind blowing through your hair ...

You always seem really happy!!  Is there anything that worries you??
Right now, the biggest issue for me really is raising my kids, because my kids aren't growing up anything like the way that I grew up ...

Does Jada get jealous when you have to kiss another girl in a movie??
When you see loves scenes and kissing and people getting all hot and bothered with one another in a film, it's actually the most uncomfortable situation you could possibly be in - because people are there with lights close to your butt, telling you, 'Slide it to the side a little bit, hold on, move over ... OK, that was a good kiss, but we're not feeling it ...'  It really is work, just another day at the office.  And Jada has done a couple more love scenes than me,  so, if anybody knows how that is, Jada does!!


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