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(More Magazine, Summer 1999)

Wild, Wild West star Will Smith may have the cheeky rude-boy-of rap image to down to a T, but it's just one BIG act.  Under all that high fivin' and jivin' we uncovered Will's true identity.

1) He has exceedingly dodgy music tastes.
'The Spice Girls!  There's a couple of them that are kinda cute.  I wanna do a record with them'.  That would so NOT be 'da bomb'.

2) He's cheesier than a Gorgonzola sandwich
'I've always known the purest happiness is one man, one woman, with a bunch of kids.'  Oh, purleease, this is real life not The Cosby Show.

3) He let's himself be henpecked
'He's non-stop, always doing something.  I tell him he needs to sit down, be quiet and have some stillness,' says Will's wife, Jada 'Rottweiler' Pinkett.

4) He yearns for a job on Channel 4's Countdown
'The beauty of maths is that numbers are nature's only perfection.  Numbers are never wrong.'  Will muscles in on Carol Voderman's 'hood.

5) He sees himself as the next Bill Clinton
'People laugh, but if I set my mind to it, within the next 15 years, I could be President.'  Monica-wannabes form an orderly queue outside the White House.

6) He's really responsible
'I call Will "Captain Correction".  He works hard to make his kids speak proper English,' says Big Willie's blood (top chum), actor Keenan Ivory Wayans.  bet those tea-time grammar lessons are a scream.

7) He looks like a geek
'I've always been kinda goofy looking.  Thin and lanky and big ears and all of that.'  Aww, bless the big guy, He might talk more nonsense than Joe Pasquale but he's still sex on a stick (and about the same width as one).

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