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20/10/02 - Another project for Halle is due to be the film "The Guide" - a thriller. The film is due to be directed by Lee Tamahori. It is based on novels by Thomas Perry. Filming is due to start next year.

17/7/02 - "Die Another Day" is due to be shown as the Royal Film Performance to aid the Cinema and Television Benevolent Fund on the 18th November 2002 at the London's Royal Albert Hall. The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are due to be in attendance.

4/6/02 - According to Entertainment Weekly Halle is in talks to star in the forthcoming movie "Need" as a therapist who discovers that her husband is having an affair with one of her patients. Shooting is due to begin later this year. The film is due to be directed by Luis Mandoki.

4/6/02 - On the 30th of May the annual "Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards" (The EMMAs) were held in London (U.K.). Halle was honoured with the "Best film actress" award for her role in the movie "Swordfish". Other winners included the movie "Ali", So Solid Crew, Alicia Keys and Denzel Washington for his role in the movie "Training Day".

4/6/02 - More on "Die Another Day". The latest word is that the film is due to premiere at the Royal Film Performance on the 18th November in London. Members of the British royal family are due to attend the premier showing.

7/5/02 - "Die Another Day" is due to be released in the U.K. in November 2002.

7/5/02 - Halle has been nominated in the category of Best Female Performance (for her role in "Monster's Ball") in the MTV Movie Awards 2002. The show is due to air on Thursday the 6th of June at 9pm (EST).

14/4/02 - More bad luck and another set-back for the "Die Another Day" film. Halle has suffered an eye injury during filming. Given the injuries to two of the main stars of the film the media is regarding the title of the film as ironic.

14/4/02 - Congratulations to Halle for winning the "Best Actress" Oscar award for her role in "Monster's Ball".

17/3/02 - Last week the cast of the forthcoming "Die Another Day" (aka. Bond 20) were spotted heading to southeast Iceland to shoot five chase scenes for the movie.

17/3/02 - "Bond 20" has now been named “Die Another Day”

17/3/02 - Congratulations to Halle for winning the SAG Best Actress award for her role in the movie "Monsters' Ball"

4/3/02 - Just received word that Halle is featured in the latest edition of "Dishmag" magazine. You can check it out here. Thanks to Ana for the tip!!

20/2/02 - Pierce Brosnan has injured himself while filming a scene in the forthcoming "Bond 20" movie. It is not yet known how much impact this will have on the film and how much shooting can be done around him.

20/2/02 - Halle hasn't won an Oscar yet ... but she has won the Silver Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival in the category of Best Actress for her role in "Monster's Ball".

4/2/02 - Halle's next role is due to be as the leading actress in the romantic comedy "Nappily Ever After". Word is the role was created with Halle in mind.

11/12/01 - Congratulations to Halle. She has won the National Board of Review's "Best Actress" award for her role in the movie "Monster's Ball". She has also been nominated for the NAACP Image "Best Actress" Award for her role in the movie "Swordfish". The 33rd NAACP annual Image Awards is due to be held on the 23 February 2002 at the Universal Amphitheater.

6/12/01 - Halle is rumoured to be due to play a villain in the twentieth Bond film "Beyond The Ice" opposite Pierce Brosnan.  The film is due to start filming in England in January 2002. 

6/12/01 - Entertainment Tonight states that Halle is due to appear in the forthcoming movie ''Gigli'' as a hitwoman.  Her co-star is due to be Ben Affleck.