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(My highlights - July 2000)

Did you know anything about the X-Men comic book phenomenon before you made the movie?
Vaguely. I had sort of heard the name, but I had no idea how big the following was or how long the comic book had been around. It has been a real education.

Whatís your favorite meteorological condition?
I like rain. Because in Los Angeles itís almost always sunshiny, so when it rains it feels kind of special. Thatís when I like to stay in bed, watch a movie, whatever.

Your costume is mostly tight black leather. Did you ever take it home for a little private fun?
We werenít allowed to take pictures of the outfits, much less wear them off the set. My fiancť wanted me to bring home the white wig to play around with. But I resisted.

What would sex with Storm be like?
Stormy, thatís for sure. And, letís put it this wayóvery wet.

Is it true that youíre named after a department store?
Yeah, Halle Brothers. It was a well-known department store in Cleveland. It wasnít a very common childrenís name, though.

You danced in a strip club to research your role in The Last Boy Scout. Did you have a good audience?
I had a great audience. I didnít want any friends there, though, because I was scared to death about the whole thing. See, I knew I was going to have to shoot this scene in the movie and that there would be 40 to 50 people around anyway. And I knew I was going to be so nervous that I might not be able to come out of my trailer, so I figured Iíd better go somewhere and work out my kinks. I just asked the manager of the club if I could do it, and he said sure. It was a Friday night and there were lots of people there. It was such a fantasy to be able to do that under the guise of work. I didnít get paid, but I think I made about $350 in tips, which isnít bad.

Whatís the worst thing a guy can do on a date with you?
Kiss me on a first date. I really hate that. I donít want a guy getting anywhere near my lips on a first date. Maybe on the second, because that means thereís something developing there, but not on the first one. And even if you like someone right off the bat, itís so much sexier to hold off a little. You donít want to blow your wad on the first shot, right?

Um, noÖI guess not. So in addition to the ability to resist incredible temptation, what kind of superpower in a guy would turn you on?
Intelligence turns me on, but you donít need a superpower for that. Actually, Mystiqueís power would be pretty interesting: a guy who can instantly transform into whatever he wants to be. That way I could have a different lover every night. [Laughs]

Your name keeps popping up in rap songs, like the Notorious B.I.G.ís ďIím Just Playiní,Ē as the love object. Whatís up with that?
I donít really know, but itís fun! Iím totally flattered. Iím always flattered. I really respect hip-hop music, and I know they only mean it in a positive way.

So when are you going to record your own rap album?
No way! People keep trying to get me into a studio, but I couldnít rap any more than I could eat my own toes! Iím just going to stick to acting, thank you.

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