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"As a girl, I couldn't imagine that anyone would ever consider me to be beautiful since nobody on TV, or in the movies, or even in the magazines--or almost nobody--was black and beautiful"

Here are some Halle Berry desktop wallpaper designs that I have created for website guests. For PC users: Click on the chosen image. Wait for the picture to fully display then right-click and select "Set as Wallpaper" option. For MAC users: Click on your chosen image and drag it to your desktop.  Unless specified otherwise all are suitable for 800 x 600 resolution monitors.

Black background (60355 bytes)

1024 x 768 version

White background (36510 bytes) Navy multi-picture background (89926 bytes)

1024 x 768 version

White Background - Tattoo Navy Background (58285 bytes) White Background
Sea-Green background Lilac Background Sea-green background (30847 bytes)