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"I think when we prove we're worth money, I think that's when we'll get it. .... When we start making movies that show black people in a positive way, and people come out to support then, when those films make money, I'll have all the chances in the world!"

Blockbuster Entertainment Award ("Favourite Actress", 1997 - "Executive Decision")
Acapulco Black Film Festival ("Career Achievement", 1998)
Harvard Foundation Award ("Cultural Artist of the Year", 1998)
Emmy Award ("Outstanding Lead Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie", 2000 - "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge")
Golden Globe award ("Best Actress in a TV Movie/Mini-Series", 2000 - "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge")
Image Award ("Outstanding Actress in a Television Movie/Miniseries/Dramatic Special", 2000 - "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge")
Image Award ("Entertainer of the Year", 2000)
SAG ("Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries", 2000 - "Introducing Dorothy Dandridge")
Silver Berlin Bear ("Best Actress", 2002 - "Monster's Ball")
SAG ("Best Actress", 2002 - "Monster's Ball")
Oscar Academy Award ("Best Actress", 2002 - "Montster's Ball")
Ethnic Multicultural Media Awards ("Best Actress", 2002 - "Swordfish")