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Will Smith is one of the few celebrities that has enjoyed immense success in more than one career.  He has enjoyed much success in both the music and the film industry.

Will Smith was born Willard C. Smith in September 1968.  He was born and bred in Philadelphia, U.S.A..  He was one of four children.  

In 1985 Will teamed up with Jeffrey Townes (more famously known as Jazzy Jeff) during his childhood years.  At first Jazzy Jeff's mixing would take centre-stage with Will playing supportive act.  However, when their music began getting published it would be Will that would take centre-stage.  Together they became the hugely successful team Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.  Their music was known for its light-hearted humour rather than for any hate messages.  This helped them to appeal to a wider audience.  Their first major hit was "Girls Of The World Ain't Nothing But Trouble".  They helped bring rap into the mainstream.  In 1988 rap fans were delighted when the Duo won the first ever Grammy award for "Best Rap Performance" for their single "Parents Just Don't Understand".  This would be the first of many Grammy awards that the pair would win.  Will Smith became a millionaire by the time he was 18.  Will Smith's life has been one featuring peaks and troughs.  By the time Will was 20 he was bankrupt. 

In 1989 Will Smith began starring in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" alongside Tatyana Ali and  Karyn Parsons.  The show was a huge success and lasted for six years.  In 1992 Will Smith scored his first role in a movie ("Where the Day Takes You").  This was followed by the movie "Six Degrees of Separation" (1993) in which Will played a con artist.   Will received rave reviews for his performance in the movie, as critics concluded that he could act, and he began gaining respect as an actor.  From here he went on to star in "Bad Boys".  "Bad Boys" was a huge success and Will found that he could now command multi-million dollar packages for future movie appearances.  In 1996 Will starred in the movie "Independence Day" - one of the highest grossing movies of all time.  He enjoyed further success with his role in Spielberg's "Men in Black".  

Will was recruited to perform the a rap as the title soundtrack for the movie.  The track was entitled "Men in Black" and proved to be a huge success globally.  This inspired Will to produce more rap singles, even though he was no enjoying a lucrative acting career.  In 1997 Will released his first solo album "Big Willie Style".  Will had not abandoned his old partner Jazzy Jeff.  Jazzy Jeff always felt more comfortable being a behind-the-scenes person (i.e. production) while Will always felt more comfortable being in the spotlight.  Although no longer releasing albums as a duo the two still work together, with Jazzy producing tracks for both of Will's solo albums.

While enjoying professional success Will's relationship with his wife, Sheree Zampino were on the rocks.  The couple split and eventually divorced in December 1996.  Will then began dating fellow celebrity Jada Pinkett (former star of "A Different World").  In December 1997 the couple married. Despite his previous bad experience with marriage Will decided against a prenuptial agreement when marrying Jada.  Several years later, the couple's relationship seems to still be going strong.  The end of 2000 saw the arrival of the couple's second child "Willow Camille Reign Smith.

Will is currently working on the movie "Ali" - a dedication to the famous boxer Mohammed Ali.

Will now seems to be enjoying a successful marriage, a successful music career and a successful acting career.

Will Smith's success story continues ...


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