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(Still in production)

Based on the true story of the boxing legend Muhammed Ali.  Will Smith plays the boxer.

Director: Michael Mann

Cast includes: Will Smith, Jamie Foxx (The Truth About Cats & Dogs), Jada Pinkett (A Different World, Gett Off), Jon Voight (Enemy of the State, Pearl Harbor), Mario Van Peebles (New Jack City), Ron Silver, Jeffrey Wright (I), Mykelti Williamson (Waiting To Exhale), Michael Bent, Malick Bowens, Candy Brown Houston, Giancarlo Esposito (Do The Right Thing, Malcolm X - 1992), Nona M. Gaye (Harlem Nights), Ross Haines, Michael Michele (New Jack City), Joe Morton (Executive Decision), Patrick New, Paul Rodriguez (I), Gailard Sartain (Mississippi Burning) and William Utay.


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Legends - Howard Bingham's section on Muhammed Ali


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