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(Sky Magazine - August 1999 - Highlights of the Interview)


Ironically when "Sky" meets The Man In Black in L.A. he's dressed all in white, looking as cool as any of his on-screen characters, and as full of life and friendly as his nice guy image suggests.  He's happy to talk about his wild, wild success.


Q) You're such a success as a singer, actor and heart-throb, do you have any faults?

A) ... my wife would say I'm very obsessive about my work and can't leave it alone.


Q) Other rappers have tried switching to movies without achieving your intergalactic level of success.  Why has it all worked out for you?

A) I guess because I'm a perfectionist.  I work a lot of hours and can't leave until the day's work is completed to the best of my ability.  ... I've worked within an inch of my life to be successful.


Q) What are your tips for impressing the laydeez??

A) My mother was very serious about etiquette and taught me to be a gentleman.  Women respond to that.  I'm well trained in attentiveness.


Q) How is Jazzy Jeff these days?

A) Great.  We were back on stage together the other week performing for 50,000 fans at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and it felt wonderful.  He's a good friend.


Q) Your next role will be as Muhammed Ali ... Are you really hard enough to pull it off??

A) I've been in my fair share of fist fights.  I used to box a bit too and I've got a mean left hook.  But I'll be doing six months boxing training to get myself in Ali shape before we start filming.


Q) What does Ali himself think of a rapper turned actor playing him on screen??

A) When I met him he told me I was almost pretty enough to be convincing in the role.


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